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Version 1.1c started 18. November 2018 - released 16. December 2018

FeatureImplemented since
Calculation of the last 18 days of the daily cycles in a year has been fixed. The first 3 days of these last 18 days may only last for 3 days and the text starts with line 4; the last daily cycle then also lasts only 3 days. December 2018
Displaying the text of the daily cycles only for the period of the cycle. Some cycles only last 2 or 3 days. December 2018

Version 1.1b started 04. March 2012 - released August 2017

FeatureImplemented since
Better date formatting in daily Cycles 11. March 2012
Several internal technical improvements February 2017
Client program did not read the *.ikd files. Bugs fixed. Including some minor technical changes. August 2017
Unify WndFrueherHimmel, WndSpaeterHimmel and add a column to mark the years with a symbol.August 2017
Add a context menu to the list of yearly hexagramsAugust 2017
Add a context menu to the list of daily hexagramsAugust 2017

Version 1.1 started 16. April 2011 - released 29. January 2012

FeatureImplemented since
Upgrade of the JaxB Implementation to the standard JaxB of Java 6. An other library which first had supported JaxB could be removed. Java 5, better Java 6 is now the minmum Java version to execute the program. 31. May 2011
Review of all source file to the standards of Java 6 - typesafe collection handling etc. 10. November 2011
Update the installer routine for supporting MS Windows Vista™ and MS Windows 7™ 2. October 2011
Storing of files for MS Windows Vista™ and MS Windows 7™ has been changed to the %ProgramData% environment variable. 2. October 2011
Improved support of time zones. 22. January 2012

Version 1.0.8 started on 18. May 2008 - released 22. June 2008

FeatureImplemented since
When saving an analysis there were some problems with German Umlaut which have been fixed. Technical: the letters are saved as HTML code, i.e. "ä" is saved as ä etc. 18. May 2008
Some fixes to make the program really ready for multi platform. The program has been testet with Ubuntu 7 (Gnome Desktop) and Kubuntu 7 (KDE Desktop). 17. June 2008
The installation program has been fixed to perfrom a real cute setup in linux. Tested with Ubuntu 7 (Gnome (Gnome Desktop) and Kubuntu 7 (KDE Desktop). The sortcuts are working and to see the program group in the Gnome main menu a re-login might help - the main menu needs a refresh after installation. 18. June 2008
The two windows with the lists of yearly hexagrams have been reduced to only one window. The years of Pre-Heaven and Late Heaven are marked by their icons in the rows. When printing the list of the yearly hexagrams is still separated by page and the column header in the printing has been changed to mark Pre-Heaven and Late Heaven hexagrams. 19. June 2008
It has been added a context or popup menu to get the text of the yearly heagram or the daily cycles from the list of the yearly hexagrams. 19. June 2008
For some convenience there are some installer for MS Windows provided. 20. June 2008
It has been checked that registration files may be produced on a MS Windows system and can be used on a Linux system. Testet with Ubuntu 7 (Gnome Desktop) and Kubuntu 7 (KDE Desktop). It works only when there are no special characters in the regitration name like "ä" "ö" "ü" etc. 20. June 2008

Version 1.0.7 started on 05. February 2007 - released 24. February 2007

FeatureImplemented since
The number of heaven can yet become greater than 50. The claculation has been adjusted. 05. February 2007
Removing an entry from the data base of stored analysises is made persistent. See menu entry "Astrology/Open" and in the dialog button "Delete" which is enabled when an entry of the data base has been selected. 05. February 2007
Printling the list of yearly hexagrams of Pre-Heaven or Later Heaven may produce a second page. 05. February 2007

Version 1.0.6 started on 06. June 2005 - released 16. June 2005

FeatureImplemented since
When using the menu entry "Astrology/New analysis" nothing happened. Now opens the dialog to enter the basic dates and dates of birth.06. June 2005

Version 1.0.5 started on 30. May 2005 - released 2. June 2005.

FeatureImplemented since
Some caching optimization was fixed for reading the text of the lines of the Astrology of I Ching30. May 2005

Version 1.0.4 started on 30. April 2005 - released 28. May 2005.

FeatureImplemented since
English version: In the text for the basic analysis the date had German format.30. April 2005
English version: Some V.I.P. had no appropriate location data for "Length like".30. April 2005
An option was added to change the value of the Earthly Trigramm #20 and #50. See Help file for details.06. May 2005
ExceptionHelper has been extended to give some more information about the environment06. May 2005
Replacement of ° by \u00b0 for better internationalization.08. May 2005

Version 1.0.3 started on 19. March 2005 - released 21. March 2005.

FeatureImplemented since
In the client version IChingClient.jar the menu Help/Info didn't work.19. March 2005
After entering the registration information you will be noticed about the success of the registration.19. March 2005
All entries of Extras/V.I.P will do fine now.19 March 2005
The entries of locations for countries with west/east longitudes or north/south latitudes have been fixed.19. March 2005
There were some handling problems when opening or deleting saved analysis which have been fixed.20. March 2005
When changing the country in DlgAnalys the combobox for the daylight saving times had not been handled correctly.20. March 2005

Version 1.0.2 started on 22. February 2005 - released 06.03.2005.

FeatureImplemented since
Validation of the entry for "Length like" in DlgAnalys has been fixed (compare to < 0 and not to < 1)22. February 2005
IntegerFormattedDocument has to be replaced by NumberFormatter | DlgJahr and DlgPartner22. February 2005
Test: No CR in pasted text in a JTextField - nothing to be done, JTextField does it fine22. February 2005
Check if there is a replacement for MaxLengthFormattedDocument - nothing found, keep the own class22. February 2005
Enable to save V.I.P. - if saved, they are stored like the normal ones in Analysen.xml, not in AnalysenVIP.xml which is kept in the jar file22. January 2005
Separate access to HexagrammDB and LinienDB from de.nkroeger.iging.util.Hexagramm06. March 2005
The performance has been improved.
More intense use of de.nkroeger.iging.util.Hexagramm for the internal arrays, lists and vectors06. March 2005
More intense use of de.nkroeger.iging.util.Hexagrammlinie06. March 2005

Version 1.0.1 started on 20. February 2005 - released 22. February 2005.

FeatureImplemented since
Add the name and databasetype (VIP or not) in the window title of the main window20. February 2005
Check if a suitable length is selected for "Length like" in DlgAnalys20. February 2005
The first char in DlgAnalys should be set to upper case.
This will be not implemented. The user must care himself. There are many names which start lower-case
20. February 2005
Loading of the text of the Frog Prince if not pre-loaded has been fixed21. February 2005
Loading of the text of the Oracle of Love if not pre-loaded has been fixed21. February 2005
Loading of the text of the Oracle of Questions if not pre-loaded has been fixed21. February 2005
Creating the names of the hexagrams for the lexicon has been fixed21. February 2005

Version 1.0.0 started on 1. January 2005 - released 20. February 2005. See also the history of the previous Version 0.1.0.

Feature Implemented since
Extend options with a selection which texts shall be loaded at start time.01. January 2005
ExceptionHelper for better controlled output of Exceptions01. January 2005
intense use of StringBuffer instead of String where applicable02. January 2005
Perform a performance check on the coding - mark files with "* Performance-Check dd.MM.yyyy"02. January 2005
Add missing locations to the database of countries. 01.February 2005
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