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What has be changed in the program versions

Version history

For those interested, there is an overview of the technical development of the program.

Version 2.0 for Java - January 2019

Version 1.1c for Java - December 2018

Version 1.1b for Java - July 2016 / August 2017

Version 1.1a for Java - March 23, 2015

Version 1.1 for Java - January 29, 2012

Version 1.0.8 for Java - June 22, 2008

Version 1.0.7 for Java - February 24, 2007

The number of heaven can yet become greater than 50. The claculation has been adjusted.
Removing an entry from the data base of stored analysises is made persistent. See menu entry "Astrology/Open" and in the dialog button "Delete" which is enabled when an entry of the data base has been selected.
Printling the list of yearly hexagrams of Pre-Heaven or Later Heaven may produce a second page.

Version 1.0.6 for Java - June 16, 2005

When using the menu entry Astrology/New analysis nothing happened. Now opens the dialog to enter the basic dates and dates of birth.

Version 1.0.5 for Java - June 02, 2005

When reading the text for a line of a hexagram of the Astrology of I Ching, e.g. for the yearly heexagram there could have been read the wrong text.

Version 1.0.4 for Java - May 28, 2005

Several smaller fixes mainly some editorial changes for the English version. An option was added for a different calculation of the earthly trigram. Learn more about the new option in the help file for the dialog Extras/Options (press F1).

Version 1.0.3 for Java - March 21, 2005

Several smaller fixes mainly for a better handling of the program. Some errata in the data for the locations and V.I.P. have been fixed.

Version 1.0.2 for Java - March 06, 2005

Several smaller fixes.
For details see the description of the technical development of the program.

Version 1.0.0 for Java - February 20, 2005

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Changes in version 2.52

Changes in version 2.51

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Release history of the program

Version 2.5 July 1997 German version only
Version 2.0 - Final Release January 1997 German version only
Version 2.0 - Beta Release December 1996 German version only
Version 1.01 June 1996 German version only

First release of Astrology of I Ching for Windows version 1.0 in May 1996 (German version only)