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The Astrology of I Ching

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The Astrology of I Ching is one of the eldest systems which has been kept undamaged over the centuries since more then 3000 years. The old Chinese schoolar Confucius taught the system. As a traditional astrologer you can understand the hexagrams as a conversion of the position of the sun and the lines of the hexagrams show possibilities of changes and develepment on ones spiritual way.

In the program there are several options which enable the user to access the traditional interpretation but also more modern interpretations of the Astrology of I Ching. The Chinese culture is widely based on the Book of Transformation, the I Ching.

More details you find in the book "The Astrology of I Ching" by W.A. Sherill, published by Penguin Books, ISBN 0-14-019439-8.

The Horoscope

The personal horoscope of I Ching shows in the Pre-Heaven the hexagrams of the first half of the life time. In the hexagrams of the Late Heaven (which normally starts during the Uranus opposition at the age of about 40) the images of the second half of the life time are shown and widely interpretated. For interpretation each of these images of transformation which come forth from the lines of the hexagrams as opinion and counsel is described. In the program there are all necessary helps and thorough explanations so that no special knowledge is needed to work with this kind of astrology.

What You See?

The horoscope of the I Ching shows up cause and direction of two forces of which effects result in daily life on earth. It is based on the Celestial Stem which symbolizes the heavenly forces having an effect on earth. This Celestial Stem is completed by the Horary Branches. Both result in a differentiated system which is based on the natural cycles of the year and this time concept shaped incidentally the whole Chinese culture.

The Individual Horoscope

The horoscope (i.e. the hexagram of Pre-Heaven with its controlling line and the interpretations) is calculated like in traditional astrology on the base of place, date, and time of birth. From this result the 4 basic hexagrams with their inner hexagrams and the controlling lines from which all transformations of the horoscope evolve. The horoscope is devided up into the two basic sections of life - the Pre-Heaven and the Late Heaven - in which all the years of life appear. The Pre-Heaven and Late Heaven is interpretated because of the individual hexagrams and the controlling lines of the hexagrams. The user of the program gets a list of the hexagrams of the years of Pre-Heaven and Late Heaven and also of the daily cycles. By clicking in the list the user gets a comprehensive analysis presented. It is very easy to use the program.

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The Program

In the program Astrology of I Ching there are following features:

  1. The horoscope with the hexagrams of Pre-Heaven and Later Heaven
  2. The yearly horoscope (each year of the Pre-Heaven and Later Heaven can be selected seperatedly)
  3. The daily horoscope (each day can be selected seperatedly)
  4. Partners and companions in the astrological context (horoscope of two partners combined)
  5. The oracle of questions (a question to which I Ching answers)
  6. The oracle of love (a subject of love to which I Ching answers)
  7. The personal drama of life In the drama of life you stroll through the scenes of your own game of mystery which is build in verses like the old I Ching! With that you have your own personal theater game of your own life in your hand.
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The I Ching itself is an ancient lore of mankind which relates to the questions of men. It is said that there is no everyday or philosophical problem which cannot be answered more neutral and objective as it would ever be possible for our linear thinking mind as it is done by the I Ching. The Astrology of I Ching has gone one step beyond and has interwoven the basics of I Ching (man and fate) with the planetary influences with the tides on earth (fate and cosmos). In this association human experience in time (I Ching) and the cosmic effect on time (astrology) are portrayed togehter.

You can download an accompanying program for clients with which you can hand the created analysis with all the texts separately to the clients.